Our first bluetooth speaker is called PM10.
PM10 is born trough our passion to make great speakers that you can enjoy anywhere.

We have tuned the speakers sound profile to make it sound great in any situation! Gym, sauna, beach, terrace, kitchen, party or anywhere you want it.

We have added cool light effect to each side of the speaker to maximise the "party effect" ( you can also turn the lights off if you want ).

PM10 is a splash water proof so you can take it to bathroom, sauna, beach, rain etc...

Imagine a perfect evening with your friends and you want to go to sauna or beach and want to listen music? With PM10 you can!

PM10 comes with detachable carrying strap for easy carrying.Walking, biking, hiking or chilling the PM10 is easy to take with you.
No matter where you go the PM10 comes with you!

You can connect two PM-10 speakers to get STEREO sound.

In STEREO sound, both speakers produce sounds from different channels (left and right), giving you a wider sound stage, better channel separation and MORE SOUND! 

you can pair any color PM-10 speakers to each other.
double the speakers = double the fun!

Four different color options

Wine Red, Artic White, Blossom Pink and Charcoal Black

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PM-10 Design

PM-10 Waterproof